Why is an individual setup important?

The correct bike fit is vital for any cyclist, whether you are a “weekend warrior” or a competitive Cyclist. It is often the most overlooked and neglected aspect of cycling, and should be performed on an annual basis as you develop as a cyclist and change your equipment. Correct bike fit is important as it reduces the risk of injury, and promotes optimal positioning on the bike.

Ensuring that you have the correct bike frame size, seat height + orientation; handlebar height + reach; and foot positioning is essential in order to avoid overuse injuries. not only will your comfort improve, but optimal positioning means that performance will also be better, as power output and efficiency are improved.

If you haven’t bought a bike yet, the first step would be to come and have measurements taken which will determine the best bike size for you. If you already own a bike, a bike set-up can be performed and fitted best to suit your needs.

I was trained by the founder of ErgoFit Dr Jeroen Swart of Science to Sport. The ErgoFit protocol has been scientifically formulated in order to set you up on your bicycle for the best Ergonomic fit. Over and above a dynamic assessment, ErgoFit utilizes scientifically formulated regression equations which take the following into consideration: Cycling history, weekly load, gender, age, neuromuscular control, hamstring and back flexibility, trochanteric leg length as well as arm length in order to determine the most efficient and comfortable set-up on the bike for each individual.