Training Assist

Now is the time to improve your performance and make this your best season ever.

Over the last couple of years I gain knowledge on training programs and competitive cycling.

I am not a coach but a Training assistant. I am here to help you improve your cycling. Doesn’t matter if you want to race competitively, finish a race and still be able to walk or get your next personal best on the race or strava segment.

I well planned structured training program will elevate your cycling to the next level .

Training programs can be tailored for a specific part of your riding like climbing, VO2 max, attacks and speed.

To start we are going to need some data, either FTP test or max HR and resting HR. Using a power meter will be more accurate because a watt is a watt. We can use HR but there is a cardiac drift that you must be aware off, this mean that for the 1st effort your HR might be 160 bpm but your second session might be 170 bpm and you start to slow down to get your HR back to 160 bpm and start to recover instead. How to avoid this is to take note of your speed on the 1st session and use that for reference for the next sessions.

Remember quality training is better than quantity training.