How does a professional bike fitment work?

Individual Assessment

Part 1

Begins with an in depth individual assessment where the cyclist’s training history, flexibility, and measurements such as leg length, height and arm length are captured. With this information the system uses the advanced algorithms to generate extremely accurate predicted bike fitting report. An important distinction between ErgoFit and other systems is the use of trochanteric leg length instead of inseam measurements (which have been shown to be extremely inaccurate) 

Measurement Application

Part 2

Entails the accurate application of these predicted measurements on to the bike using our specially designed ErgoFit fitment jig while using both objective and highly reproducible measurements.

Digital Optimisation Process

Part 3

Is a 6 point digital optimisation process. Using our digital system, ErgoFit will analyse the fit and advise on any points which will fall outside of the correct reference range. The system will also advise which parameters to adjust and by how much. Fine adjustments are then made to ensure that an optimal fitment is achieved every time. An electronic fitting report is then emailed by the system directly to the customer when the fitter confirms that the fitting has been completed.

The ErgoFit digital fitting process provides a fast, accurate and foolproof fitting technique for all users.